PPC Management

Marxman Marketing Pay Per Click management services offers you cleverly built and placed Ad Campaigns on various platforms that gets you seen ahead of your competition in search engine results to reach your target audience first.

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

PPC is exactly what it sounds like: Advertisers agree to pay a certain amount for every click on their ads based on bids created for their chosen keyword searches. It is a dynamic system where advertisers compete with one another for a premium position in these paid results. So carefully developed strategies in placing those text ads for your chosen keywords or keyword phrases are essential. This is where we come in.

Because PPC marketing can be very targeted to specific demographics, job rolesgeographic areas, market segments, and interests, it offers more immediate results over Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But, when used in conjunction with SEO, pay per click marketing can be a powerful lead generation tool. Focusing on the right keywords, the traffic they create, and the resulting conversions, PPC can offer tremendous ROI when executed effectively.

PPC ads can also be placed on social networks, and typically these ads are more visually driven than a standard pay per click text ad. Paid social ads are also the perfect partner to search engine-driven PPC ads and can be leveraged in a complementary way to ensure your brand message is consistent throughout your marketing strategy.

A great Internet marketing strategy aims for a diverse approach to PPC advertising by implementing ad campaigns across multiple channels to ensure that your ads reach your target audience. The skilled PPC experts at Black Bear Design work with our clients to ensure that they are effectively positioned with budget and results in mind.

Marxman PPC Management Services Include:

  • Keyword Research
  • Ad Extensions 
  • Search Campaign Set-Up
  • Search Campaign Daily Management
  • Facebook Ads
  • Display and Remarketing Ads 
  • Instagram Ads

PPC Campaign Audit

Marxman is one of the best Pay Per Click management companies in San Bernardino County and we can help you develop a PPC campaign that drives traffic, conversions, and sales. We start all pay per click marketing services with a free audit of your current campaigns (if any). This comprehensive review will provide suggestions for any improvements we can make, how we can best manage what is already successful, and tell us where to go next. Our assessments analyze all the critical metrics of your campaigns including quality scores, click-thru rates, impression shares, and any wasted ad spend.

Getting Started With PPC

Are you just getting started with PPC? Great! We can get you up and running with a PPC campaign in no time. Like any other form of advertising, PPC ads aren’t something you’ll want to create without researching your target demographics, carefully choosing your keywords, establishing your budget or testing what ads will cut through the noise of organic and paid search results. Here is where we come in. The trusted Agents at Marxman Marketing can do all of this for you so your ads will perform as best as possible.

PPC Search Engines & Social Platforms

Google Adwords is the most dominant player in the PPC advertising world as the most popular search engine. If you want your ads to reach your customers, this is where you want to be. As Google Adwords Experts, Marxman Marketing can get your PPC advertising management started right away.

Facebook is globally dominant when it comes to social media with more than 1 billion active users; it’s also a major player when it comes to advertising platforms. For some businesses, Facebook is an unmatched partner in reaching the right audience. It’s also the gateway to Instagram ads.

Reporting & Dashboards

With PPC management services, it’s imperative to have a comprehensive monthly dashboard showing your results. Here at Marxman Marketing we provide comprehensive PPC Analytics tools that measure everything from conversions to overall growth. We can help you systematically keep track of all online activities and key metrics. We employ industry recommended and trusted tools to give you an accurate picture of the performance of your website and your PPC marketing campaigns.

PPC Marketing Services That Get Results

We measure results the same way you do: sales. We also measure all of the activities that lead to sales so we can improve every part of the process. We track click-thru rates, conversions, and all of the other basic metrics that are important to PPC management. Then, we take it to a whole new level with user-level analytics, real-time monitoring, A/B testing, and other metrics that help us make better decisions with page content, calls to action and conversions.